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National Coalition of  100 Black Women
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National Coalition of 100 Black Women
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How to Give to NCBW-SF Chapter
NCBW-SF Chapter, Inc. relies on the support of individuals, volunteers, private foundations and corporations to carry out its mission. Your contribution will make a difference in helping NCBW-SF Chapter, Inc. empower women and children, and build stronger communities.

There are a variety of ways you can make a contribution to NCBW-SF Chapter:
• Monthly (or quarterly) donations made easy – through the NCBW-SF Benefactor's Program.
• Give $100.00 and become a part of the Friends of the NCBW-SF program (all dollar amounts are accepted).
• Remember NCBW-SF Chapter in your will - join our NCBW-SF Partner's Circle.
• Give a Stock or Insurance gift.
• Double the value of your donation with a Matching Gift.
• Make a donation today!

Benefactor's Program - Monthly Giving Made Easy
By joining the NCBW-SF Benefactor Program you can support the NCBW-SF through monthly or quarterly contributions. NCBW-SF Benefactor donations can be automatically withdrawn from checking or credit card accounts. This is a simple and cost-effective way to contribute because it reduces administrative costs, allowing more of your dollars to go directly to NCBW-SF programmatic initiatives.

Friends of the NCBW-SF
Your annual membership contribution to Friends of the NCBW-SF supports the our operating budget. A distinctive benefit of membership is having access to news about the NCBW-SF Chapter's programs, resources, events and services.

NCBW-SF Partner's Circle
The NCBW-SF Partner's Circle was established to recognize individuals who have remembered NCBW-SF Chapter, Inc. in their wills or through other types of planned giving. This type of critical support for the organization work will help ensure the NCBW-SF’s future.

Stock Gifts
If you have held a security for longer than a year, your gift qualifies as a charitable deduction. Contributing stock is one of the few ways a donor can avoid the significant bite of capital gains tax. The process is easy; whether done electronically or through the mail. If you would like to make such a donation, please contact ???? by phone at   ????????  NCBW-SF or by email at: ??????????

Matching Gifts
Matching gift programs are an excellent way to increase the value of your individual donation, at no cost to you! Often, employers will match employee donations to charitable organizations on a one-to-one (or more) basis. Check with your employer to see if your workplace has a matching gift program in place. If so, be sure to send in any necessary forms to NCBW-SF Chapter when making a donation and we will contact your workplace to obtain the matching gift. If you have any questions about matching gift programs and how to include the NCBW-SF in your company's list of beneficiary agencies, contact us today.

Make a donation today!

More Information
For more information on any of the NCBW-SF Chapter, Inc.'s planned giving options contact:
???????????? Vice President of NCBW-SF Chapter, Inc. (mailing info, phone number and email address here.

Thank you for your support!

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