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Frequently Asked Questions

The Top 19 questioins asked of members.

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Frequently Asked Questions
   Is NCBW a social organization?

NCBW is an organization that advocates on behalf of women of color.  It is not a social organization, rather an organization for social change.  Although, at times it has social functions.

   How does NCBW carry out its agenda?

NCBW operates primarily through committees.  Each member participates on at least one committee Committees develop programs, events, and other activities that educate, support and advocate for women of color.

   Who can become a member?

Women of African descent that live or work in the San Francisco Bay area and have an interest in advocating on behalf of women of color may apply for membership.

Any woman who agrees to act in accordance with the purposes and aims of the San Francisco Chapter and has demonstrated evidence of community involvement shall be eligible for membership in this Chapter.

An applicant must have demonstrated evidence of community involvement and be sponsored by two financial members in good standing, as defined by the Bylaws and the sponsor must have been a member in the organization for a period of one year.

   Is there a fee to join NCBW?

Currently the Annual Dues are: $300.00, A $100.00 non-refundable application fee is due upon submission of your application.

   Where and how often does NCBW meet?

Chapter meetings are for members only.  NCBW  General membership meetings are held on the fourth Saturday of each month at the African American Art and Culture Complex, located at: 762 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA, 94102, unless otherwise noted.

 Free parking in a gated parking lot is located next to the facility.

   Are there other chapters in California aside from San Francisco?

Yes! There are chapters located in Los Angeles, Oakland Bay Area, Orange County, Sacramento, and Silicon Valley.

   Does NCBW have a mentor-ship program?

NCBW has mentored young girls in high school.

   Is NCBW affiliated with 100 Black Men?

While we may have some similar goals, NCBW is not affiliated with 100 Black Men.

   Does NCBW have national events?

NCBW is part of a national organization that hosts events each year in various locations nationally and intertnationally.To check on the next national event, click here.

   Does NCBW have international presence?

The national organization is represented at the United Nations and participates in efforts to address global issues that support its agenda.

   Does NCBW offer scholarships for students?

Yes! NCBW does offer scholarships to students from time to time.

   How can someone start a chapter?

To be considered for establishing a chapter one would have to meet certain criteria to begin the process.  To obtain more information, visit the national website

   What is the age limit to join?

Members of NCBW represent a broad age spectrum from the mid 20s up to and over 60.

   How can I apply for membership?

An application must be completed, accompanied by a resume and a processing fee of $100.  Applicants for condsideration will be contacted for an interview. 

You can download an application form HERE, the form requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader be installed on your computer system: then mail it, along with your $100 non-refundable application fee to:

NCBW-San Francisco Chapter/Membership
P. O. Box 423314
San Francisco, CA 94142

Please make checks payable to NCBW-SF Chapter. We look forward to your application and involvement.
Contact: Jeanne Bell
2nd Vice President - Membership
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

   What committees does the NCBW offer for participation?

The existing committees include: Budget & Finance; Fundraising and Public Relations; Health; Membership and Professional Development; Political/Legislative; and Programs.

   Does NCBW offer internships?

From time to time NCBW may offer an internship opportunity.

   Does NCBW allow job postings from external organization?

NCBW will consider requests for posting job opportunities which would be posted in the Community section of this website

   Does NCBW sponsor events/programs of other organizations?

NCBW does not typically sponsor other events.

   Can a member of NCBW transfer to another chapter if relocating?

Yes.  Members in good standing with NCBW may transfer to another chapter. In addition, membership fees for the new chapter are waived for the remainder of the fiscal year.


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