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Causes we believe in...

Clothes Closet Day

Collected: $0.00
NCBW SF Conducts a "Clothes Closet Day" in Bayview Hunters Point and the Fillmore Districts to distribute new and suitably cleaned clothes to women who need to "Dress for Success" and girls in need of school clothing. If you’re organizing a move, downsizing,...

Financial Empowerment & literacy

Collected: $0.00
In partnership with Patelco Federal Credit Union, through our Financial Literacy Program for Emancipating Youth, we work to develop leadership, and encourage participation in local, national and international civic affairs and advocate for their health,...

HIV/AIDS...Awareness Campaign

Collected: $10.00
The HIV/AIDS program launched in conjunction with NCBW's National five-year program promotes a community-wide awareness of the increasing numbers of African American women and girls infected with HIV and die from AIDS due to the lack of timely education. The...

Hope House

Collected: $0.00
The NC100BW San Francisco chapter has Partnered with United Council Drop-In Center "Hope House", to provide necessary assistance items and other essential services to respond to the needs of Hope House; a program that meets the needs of our community's-homeless,...



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