National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.
San Francisco Chapter
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SF Chapter National Coalition of 100 Black Women
“Bridging the Generations”
Fact Sheet

The “Bridging the Generations Job and Employment Training Program is a three month on the job training program that is embedded with the San Francisco Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women’s annual Golden Girl’s Hat and Gloves Tea.

From the time money is raised for the project, seven individuals will be given a three-month training and job opportunity.  The time of service learning can be pre-event, during the event, and post event.

In alignment with the theme “Bridging the Generations” the program pool will consist of two adults over 55, three high school to post graduate students and two long-term unemployed adults under 55 (7 people).

Program participants will learn about public relations, media relations, community relations, general marketing, cause related marketing, advertising writing, budgeting and event planning and will learn or enhance their job readiness skills.

The program participants will receive a stipend of $25 each for 20 hours a month.  That’s $500 a month each participant at $3,500, a total of $$10,500 per program period.  Visiting Instructors will receive a stipend of $250 with a budget of $3000 for the program period.

The instructors of the training will use the work around the development of the basis for creating job assignments and lesson plans.  Instructors will include NCWB members and industry leaders in each area of training.  The visiting instructors will be pulled from the San Francisco State University Hospitality Board, public relations and marketing firms.

The program will be extended or expanded depending on fund raising.

If the fundraising goal of $15,000 is not raised, the program will be adjusted based on the funds that are raised.

Funding will be sought from public and private entities.

As an additional measure to allow some training, the National Council on Aging Seniors Community Services Employment Program administered by Family Service Agency of San Francisco can provide a program participant that will be paid through their program.  SCSEP pays unemployed and underemployed people the highest federal, state or local minimum wage for 20 hours a month to work with nonprofits.